About soccer6

soccer6 was founded in 2010 out of a love for the game and a desire to create community.  The Mission:  To bring a better version of soccer to the people.  A version that is fun and competitive, promotes inclusion and community and holds respect and honor in the highest regard.  Tap into the JOY that soccer brings. 

Our version of the beautiful game is 6v6, highlighting skillful play and lots of goals/saves.  soccer6 is played on a small sided outdoor field with bigger goals. 6 players make up a team including goal keepers.

 We offer COED, Mens & 35+ Mens divisions.  We accept team, small group and individual registrations.  Our fields are amazing!  Both our Costa Mesa (Mariners Christian School) and Irvine (Great Park) locations are incredible with all the ammenities you'll need.  We are all about the good vibes at soccer6.  Come see why over 7000 players have played in our leagues and tournaments!  Play FOREVER!

  • Wednesday nights in Irvine at the Great Park OC.  
  • Sundays in Costa Mesa at Mariners Christian School  Register today!


Mac & Idalia Thompson Owners

Mac & Idalia Thompson own and operate soccer6.  Mac Thompson has been a part of the southern California soccer landscape for over 30 years as both a player (Cal Poly Pomona 92-97) and coach (Cal State Northridge 99-04, Real SoCal 01-08, ODP 02,04). He has also runs Camp Kick It!  an annual soccer camp held each June at Mariners Christian School.  He founded tranquilO, a soccer goods company in 2023 and is the lead singer/guitarist for world famous football punk band Pitch Invaderz.  @pitchinvaderz 

Mac's email: mac@soccer6.net


1.  What is soccer6?

soccer6 version of soccer is 6v6 and fast paced / high scoring game that combines the best of outdoor soccer in a small sided format.  There are 6 players on the field, including goalkeeper.  We are all about the good vibes at soccer6! Competitive but not ridiculous.  COED, Mens, and 35+ Mens divisions.  Team and individual registration options.  2 locations; Wed nights - Irvine (Great Park).  Sundays - Costa Mesa (Mariners Christian School).

2.  When and where will games be played? How long is the season?

Soccer6 games are played on a state of the art artificial turf fields

Wednesday Nights in Irvine at the Great Park. 9 & 10pm game times.  Coed & Mens divisions.  10-11 week season. 

Sundays in Costa Mesa, Mariners Christian School.  CO-ED 'A', 'B' & 'C' 11am-2pm.  Mens 'A' & 'B' 1-4pm.  Mens 35+ 3-5pm.    The season is 10 weeks long, 1 game per week with the exception of playoff week (possible 2 games).  9-11 games depending on how your team does in playoffs.

3.  How do I register a team? When is the deadline?

Returning teams will always get the first right of refusal to return for a new season.  If space is available, new teams can register for a season until that league fills up.  If there are no available spots in a league, a waiting list will be created (first come, first serve).  Deadlines are based on any divisions availibility and may remain open until the season starts.  Be early to register to ensure your team gets a spot!  All players who play in the league must create an account on the soccer6.net website and read/click the risk of liability/e-waiver.  Players may not participate in the league without registering through the website!   Rosters can altered up until playoffs and may have up to 15 'Active' players only.  Teams may have unlimited 'Inactive' players.  Rosters are frozen prior to playoffs and new players may not be added at this point.  

4.  What does it cost?

Wednesday Nights in Irvine - League Registration Fee is $1150(team) or $125 (individual).

Sundays in Costa Mesa - League Registration Fee is $1150 (team) or $125 (individual).

There are no extra charges and the fees cover everything (ref fees, registration, etc).  Individaul registrants may also get a t-shirt with their registration if they are added to a newly formed free agent team.  All fees are due when registering your team!  Credit cards are accepted through our website (WePay).  Alternative arrangements (cash, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle) may be made but payment must be made prior to the start of game week 1.  No exceptions.

5.  When should we sign up?

Soccer6 recommends that you sign up 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the season.  Registrations will always open 4 weeks prior to the start of a league.  Leagues do fill up and space is limited.

6.  What if I don't have a team, but still want to play?

No problem.  Soccer6 has an individual registration option which guarantees (once you've registered and paid)  a place on a team in any of our divisions as long as there are avaialble options to play (teams need players and I connect you with a team, or a free agent team is created).  If there is not, a full refund will be granted.  

7.  What is the refund policy.

There are generally no refunds once you start a season.  If a league is canceled, a fully refund will be issued.  

8.  What happens if it rains?

With the synthetic turf fields we use, we will be able to play in most weather conditions.  Only if it is pouring down rain will we possibly cancel.  In that case, we will correspond with you prior to the start of the games to give a status report.

9.  What do we get if we win the league?

Teams that win the league will receive soccer6 championship t-shirts and a trophy.  Golden Boot winners of each division will also earn a t-shirt. 

10.  What equipment does my team need? Do we need uniforms?

Soccer6 participants teams must have like colored t-shirts or jerseys.  Soccer6 offers jersey packages for sale.  If your team is in need of some jersey's, please contact me and I can give you more info.  Soccer shoes are recommended.  Turf shoes are preferred but molded cleats will be allowed.  No screw in studs!  All players MUST where shin guards.  Different colored socks and shorts is okay.

11.  When do we get our schedule for the season?

Schedules are created the day before the start of the first games.  

12.  Can I play on more than one team?

Yes, however, you may not play on two different teams in the same division. 

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